Diary of an Estate Agent in Vejer

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Carnival in Vejer de la Frontera, La Cabalgata de Vejer 2012

The town was alive with the annual Carnival festivities all weekend. My young cycling partner Antonio missed our 10 am Sunday rendezvous with the tame excuse that he had been chatting and partying with two ladies from Seville until 6am. Bars were teeming with people of all ages, shapes and sizes in fancy dress whilst various groups of wandering singers moved from bar to bar. Our 3 year old daughter and friends did their best to dance flamenco in front of an audience of around 200 excited parents at the bar on C/Santismo. On Sunday plenty of people were looking extremely jaded in Bar Siglo when I returned from my 2 hour mountain bike ride but by 2pm they were ready to party again as the parade, cabalgata kicked off at 5pm.The whole community was involved in the festivities and the town buzzed with life. Spanish people must be at the top of the tree for knowing how to have a great time.

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