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A visit to Seville on the day of the National Strike

Drove to Seville airport on Thursday to drop off passengers who were hoping to catch a flight to the UK.
We prefer the Seville to Gibraltar option as a fair percentage of planes destined for Gibraltar end up in Malaga and the border
crossing into Gibraltar by car can be unreasonably slow. Seville Airport was amazingly quiet on Thursday with a few serious looking passengers dotted here and there but because of the “Huelga”, the planned strike in response to planned austerity cuts, all the shops and bars were shut. Despite this small inconvenience we were very lucky as the flight we went to get was one of the 20% of flights between Spain and the
rest of Europe that were not affected by the strike.
I decided to head into Seville for a tapas lunch and a stroll around the old town. I parked in my regular underground car park by the Jardines de
Murillo at the back of the Alcazar. It was 24degrees and the protest was starting to take shape. I walked to the Guadalaquivir and decided against a 15euro boat trip. I then walked back past a myriad
of tourist shops selling a wide variety of pottery, tee- shirts and flamenco dresses. The old town of Seville, the Cathedral, the Alcazar and the inviting tapas bars have to be experienced. Yes it is inevitably a bit “touristy” in areas but still on my list of one of the top ten best cities in Europe to visit. After Pescaito Frito and Albondigas, Langostinos y Chocos I sat on bench and watched a very peaceful protest march. When you have 30% unemployment in Andalucia, with 25% of households without adequate income, one can understand a reaction to a Conservative Government’s statement that things will get worse. As in the UK, there seems to be no economic
regeneration programme plan here, just cuts. Capitalism is entrenched in a boom and bust cycle which nobody has any idea how to get out of.

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